About Us

Our name, Sanokondu, is an adaptation of 'health leadership' in the universal language of Esperanto. We are an international community of practice which fosters health professional leadership education worldwide.

Sanokondu is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of open educational resources to support leadership development educators.

Our community of practice grew out of the work of the 2014 Toronto International Summit on Leadership Education for Physicians (TISLEP). TISLEP was a collaboration between the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine and Institute for Healthcare Policy, Measurement and Evaluation, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. TISLEP 2014 harnessed international expertise to contribute to the development of guiding principles for physician leadership education, furthering the many contributions already underway by these and other institutions. Subsequent annual TISLEP meetings have provided opportunities for further growth and expansion of initiatives underway.

Following the first summit, many participants began to collaborate in the development of a competency-based leadership curriculum for postgraduate learners; this catalyzed the formation of Sanokondu, including this website's open-access library of leadership education resources, our curated leading through crisis resources in response to the Covid19 pandemic as well as our regular networking opportunities such as TISLEP, NASHKO-TISLEP and NVMO-TISLEP as well as our monthly series: Breakfast Thru Dinner Networking & Mentorship; Critical Dialogues for Action Series & Panel Questions Reflection Response with Sanokondu (PQRRS)

Sanokondu welcomes anyone interested in leadership education for healthcare professionals. As we are still a nascent community, our processes are still under development. Please contact any of us below or directly through sanokondu.com@gmail.com or @sanokondu via Twitter for further information.

Leadership Teams and Committees