Articles: Leading Self

Compassionate Leadership

The British Medical Journal-Leader (BMJ Leader) is a known leadership journal which has a number of useful articles. Meeting today’s healthcare leadership challenges: Is compassionate, caring and inclusive leadership the answer? highlights the importance of compassion which is critical during this pandemic. They are also sharing leadership interviews with key Covid19 learnings and have a weekly #BMJLeaderChat on Twitter every Thursday (variable times)

Inclusive Leadership

Harvard Business Review (HBR) has been a long-standing source of leadership resources and has provided open access during the pandemic. How to be an inclusive leader through a crisis addresses a key issue in crisis leadership.

Leading Through Crisis

Mckinsey & Company: This group has a series of relevant leadership articles for the health and other sectors. A key article is Leadership in a Crisis - Responding to the coronavirus outbreak and future challenges

BMJ Leader: This is the official journal of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. A recent commentary: Reflections on Leadership During Covid19

HBR: Real Leaders are Forged in Crisis