Review & Publication Process

The decisions to host or link-to on the Sanokondu website have been made according to one of the following three routes:

Sanokondu Open Review

In this kind of review, Sanokondu personnel have reached out to groups to create resources aligned with needs as defined by our community. Each group will have engaged with Sanokondu leadership to refine their work to ensure appropriateness and freedom from copyright issues.

Sanokondu Peer Review (In Development)

Sanokondu is developing its process to accept submissions of materials to foster health professional leadership education. This process will include a blinded peer-review methodology.

Sanokondu Curation

Many external materials will be aligned well with Sanokondu and will be available as an open-access resource. Sanokondu will curate these materials and link to them. As Sanokondu does not control these external websites, it is possible that a resource may be deleted, moved, or changed by the respective third-party website. Sanokondu will not be responsible for such incidents and will try to update links as we become aware of any problems.

Please be advised that some resources are related to more than one of the LEADS major themes or CanMEDS Roles. As a result, these materials may be listed within more than one section on this website. This is not meant to imply a double-value in publication; it is meant solely to assist visitors to the Sanokondu website in finding the materials they need.