Collaborators and Partners

Leads Global

LEADS Global is an organization dedicated to sharing, with willing international partners, their experience with using LEADS to catalyze health leadership across the globe.

The Canadian Society for Physician Leaders (CSPL)

Canadian Society of Physician Leaders is an organization committed to providing support and development opportunities for Canadian physicians to help them succeed in their leadership and management roles in healthcare.

EqHS Lab is a transdisciplinary team of theoretical and applied researchers, frontline health care professionals, and learners from diverse professional and academic backgrounds, and academic and health care institutions, who are seeking to make an impact on our community and health system with the work we are engaged with.

Equity in Medicine has the following mandate:

  • Educate on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Medicine

  • Create a safe space for discussion of EDI

  • Remove barriers to access EDI content in Medicine

  • Build interorganizational relationships to strengthen EDI advocacy & policy development